Bi-annual and quarterly maintenance contracts are for medium to large dry ponds, wetlands, small bioretention, sand filters, and low maintenance ponds.

How it works: Two to four times per year we complete important BMP management activities such as record keeping, BMP monitoring, aquatic vegetation control, rip rap maintenance, drain cleaning and valve maintenance. Our detailed record keeping system keeps you up to date regarding your BMP.

Benefits: This low cost contract option provides you with peace of mind because your BMP is regularly inspected and maintained by experts.


Year Round Maintenance contracts are a great option to keep your visible ponds, bioretention and wetlands attractive, safe, and compliant.

How it works: During our monthly service visits, we manage nuisance weeds, keep your drains clean, remove debris and trash and complete detailed inspections of your system. Your BMP is maintained in optimal condition and issues are identified and rectified before becoming larger problems.

Benefits: Your BMP is always kept in the best of conditions at all times throughout the year and improves the property’s appearance and value.