Inspection and Reporting Only contracts are an intelligent option for sites that you have under maintenance and/or repair contracts with other stormwater contractors.

How it works:We inspect your stormwater system at the time decided be most beneficial to the evaluation of your service provider. This can be done after a maintenance or repair visit, at the end of a service contract, or prior to issuing a maintenance or repair contract.

Benefits:The work performed by the stormwater contractor can be is evaluated by a professional unbiased third party. In addition to evaluating a current contractor performance, SOS can also prepare a maintenance or repair scope of work to be used for a uniform competitive bid.  



Inspect and repair contracts are ideal for small and well functioning systems such as small dry ponds, underground detention systems, and other well-maintained structures.

How it works: Simple maintenance items are identified and corrected while on our annual site visit. Following maintenance, the annual inspection report is submitted to you for review prior to any submittals to regulatory agencies required.

Benefits: This turn key approach saves you time and money by minimizing site visits and eliminating dependence on multiple contractors for maintaining your BMPs for compliance.